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Have Faith In God

Live Life! God's way

During the month of March, I want to select several hymns from the “Christian Life & Service” section of Redemption Songs.
Today’s hymn encourages us to have faith in God. We are not called to have faith in ourselves or faith in ‘faith’ but rather faith in God. It is not how much faith you have–remember Jesus used the illustration of faith as a grain of mustard seed–now that’s not very much! But where is your faith placed?

Great faith misplaced is not true faith at all! As I heard Dr. Charles Price share at a chapel at TBS many months ago, “If you are crossing thin ice, you may have tons of ‘faith’ but if the ice is not strong enough you’ll break through.”

So here’s the hymn….
“Do you ever feel downhearted or discouraged?
Do you ever think your work is all in vain?
Do the burdens thrust…

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