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New Calvinism and Orthodoxy


New Calvinism and Celebrity

There’s Nothing too Hard for Thee

Live Life! God's way

Jeremiah 32:27 is a faith-building verse. The issue for us is whether we believe it to be true. How well do you know God? What is He capable of doing? Read and reread this statement. Why not begin every prayer this week with it? Why not hold this claim up before every impossible situation over which you are praying?
“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

The author of this chorus declares the omnipotence of God in stanza one drilling home this truth into the recesses of the soul. Then in stanza two a confidence is declared, a reminder to oneself and to the Lord that the posture of trust is the one we are seeking by grace to maintain.
As you ponder these words of encouragement, why not combine them with the simple request – “Lord, increase my faith!”

There’s nothing…

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New Calvinism and Legalism

New Calvinism and Charismaticism

A Tale of Two Conferences

The Rope Around The High Priest’s Ankle- Myth’s That’ll Preach

Polemics Report

This is the second entry in a three-part series deconstructing popular illustrations that pastors give their congregations, all of which might sound good or spiritual, but do not correspond to history or reality. The purpose is to build your discernment when people say bibley things, and not let evangelical historical sound bites lead you to repeat them.

There is a commonly told story in Christendom that is usually told to make a point about the holiness of God. Pastors would say that once a year on the day of Atonement, the high priest would go into the Holy of Holies in the temple to make sacrifices.  It was said that he would wear bells on his person, and would have a rope tied around his ankle. The idea is that if he had failed to purify himself and had even the slightest amount of sin left in him, or…

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