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No Such Thing as Grace

Live Life! God's way

I’ve been blessed this summer to be working through “Newton on the Christian Life,” an excellent book by Tony Reinke. (Crossway)

A few extracts from the chapter entitled, “Amazing Grace”….. He entitles this section – “No Such “Thing” as Grace.” (emphasis – bold or CAPITALIZATION is mine – K.E.)

“The absence of the word ‘grace’ from my book title and subtitle is not accidental. By personifying grace, “Amazing Grace” can be somewhat mileading to modern readers. It is certainly not wrong to put verbs after grace (e.g. Titus 2:11)

Grace saves wretches.

Grace searches out lost sinners.

Grace removes spiritual blindness and gives spiritual sight.

Grace teaches us to fear God.

Grace relieves fear.

But in our modern culture, where ‘grace’ has become a synonymn for kindness, “Amazing Grace’ becomes a sort of hymn to the transforming power of niceness or, a little better, grace becomes abstracted divine benevolence…

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