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Missing The Point

Live Life! God's way

I love Bible knowledge quizzes, Bible trivia, Bible games but I fear that Bible knowledge ‘misses the point.’ Knowing the facts about the Bible, being able to win ‘sword drills’ in record time, having a comprehensive knowledge of the Scripture in and of itself does not produce spiritual change. Winning Bible knowledge contests is no guarantee you understand the truth of God’s word.

In Reinke’s “John Newton on the Christian LIfe,” he gives somes helpful direction. Again, I urge you to pick up this book, or at least dig into some of Newton’s writings (sermons, meditations and hymns) which are free and online.

“Newton explains how four elements inform our approach to the Bible–sincerity, diligence, humility and prayer.

1) Sincerity – Newton writes, “I mean a real desire to be instructed by the Scripture, and to submit both our sentiments and our practices to be controlled and directed by what…

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