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“Warmth & Light”

Live Life! God's way

Is your reading filled with ‘warmth and light?’ John Newton was self-educated and loved to read both the Bible and other books. Reinke writes, “He was drawn to letters by their heartwarming potential. He admits to having more interest in reading personal letters over books, which often have the opposite effect.”

Newton writes,

I get more warmth and light sometimes by a letter from a plain person who loves the Lord Jesus, though perhaps a servant maid, than from some whole volumes put forth by learned doctors. I speak this not out of disrespect either to doctors or learning; but there is a coldness creeping into the churchues, of which I would warn my friends as earnestly as of a fire that was breaking out next door.”

Reinke assesses these comments with the reflection – “Newton felt the winds of a dangerous gospel winter, and he was concerned that…

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