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A 3000 Year Old Strategy?

Live Life! God's way

Satan, the enemy of the souls of people, is not very original in his strategy.  In the life of King David, Israel’s second monarch, Satan spotted an opportunity, a sinful desire–common to all people–to disobey God. Like the pattern so well established in the life of Adam and Eve, David saw, desired and took what was forbidden.

John Newton, as he penned these words in 1779, reflecting on the tragic account of lust, adultery, murder, etc, pastorally knew that sin remained appealing and that temptation should be rejected as appalling. Noone should consider themselves ‘temptation proof’ as Scripture warns us, ‘Let the one who thinks he stands, take heed, lest they fall.’ In today’s media-saturated societies, the online ramps to the thruway of temptation multiply daily. May we remain vigilant, urging each other on not to miss the voice of God by hardening our hearts.

Apart from the language, Newton…

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